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Coffee Camper

Putting our mission on wheels and spreading it to a wider community

on wheels

Bring the warmth and happiness of Lucky Ones Coffee to all of your events. As the temperature drops it's time to start thinking about Holiday events.  Whether its a neighborhood party, school event or employee appreciation, let Lucky Ones Coffee make your next event special.  We bring the delicious fun of your favorite coffee shop right to your front door. We offer a variety of packages and can work with you to make your event special.  Our coffee camper will be staffed by our amazing team of employees of all abilities.  We offer a full espresso bar, and can customize our offerings to your wants and needs! 

Give us a ring (435)214-7096 or email us with event details at let us take care of the details to make your day amazing. 


Just like our coffee, our packages are crafted specifically for you and your event! For most events the equations goes something like this:

(unit price X guest count) + set-up & staff fees = cost

There are some other factors that could shift that around a bit, but we would be happy to talk through that and find something that is right for you and your events!


Coffee Cart with Full Espresso Bar

Choose syrup options or let us recommend

Add Chai Tea options

Hot Chocolate

Cold Brew

Drip Coffee Station

We pour the coffee and set up all the fixings

Loose Leaf Tea Station

We can offer iced or hot 

Choose from our full tea menu, with plenty of caffeinated and herbal options​



Hot Chocolate Bar

​Wow at your holiday parties, we make hot chocolate to order and bring all the fun add in


We can do smoothies to order for small events ​

For large events or employee appreciation we can offer 2 options and put them in smaller portion sizes so they are easy grab and go fuel






Quiche Muffins- Veggie options too! 

Muffins- We can do mini ones too for big events!

Toast- Avocado, hummus, chicken salad, Oh My! 

GF/Vegan Options- Lemon Blueberry scones, Coffee Cake, Donuts, Cookies  


Custom stamp | Cake cutting and Serving | Custom Menu

(additional fee)


Services include cups, sleeves, stir sticks, straws, napkins, half & half, simple syrup sweetener and custom menu sign. 

Milk & sweetener alternative available upon request.

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