Apply for a Job

We are looking for individuals with differing abilities that are eager to work, can take instruction from a supervisor,  and are able to provide a positive experience for our customers.  We ask that employees acquire a Food Handlers Certification before their start date.  Reach out if you need guidance with that process.


Our ultimate goal is to employ as many people as possible.  As a new small business, we rely on donations as well as the success of our coffee shop to have the funds to continue to have a powerful impact within our community.  Your investment in Lucky Ones Coffee could provide another job opportunity!

Lucky Project is the 501(c)3 organization that helps to support Lucky Ones Coffee. Your donation is tax deductible for IRS purposes.


We love the Park City community and everyone's eagerness to lend a helping hand.  We will have volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Please email us if you have any interest helping or lending your time.

Wall of Thanks

Become a part of Park City history by getting your name on the Wall of Thanks. The Wall of Thanks is filled with our wonderful donors that supported us at the beginning of our journey. We are now opening it back up to the public for a limited time. Purchase your spot now to help make history! 

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions or additional ways to help out Lucky Ones Coffee at  We are thrilled to have all of you apart of our team.  We feel like the LUCKY ONES to have your support.