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Julianna Faulkner

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

My name is Julianna Faulkner.  I was born in Fresno, California in 1985.  I have three brothers and we moved to Park City in 1991.  I went all the way through school in Park City and graduated in 2004.  I loved being involved with the National Ability Center growing up.  I learned to ski, horseback ride, swim and ride a bike with the NAC.  I was apart of the Special Olympics, where I won 8 metals, including 2 GOLDS!  As I got older I started volunteering with the NAC too.

I moved to Wisconsin with my mom and step father to start college at Edgewood College.  I attended college for two and a half years while living on my own with roommates.  I eventually came back to Park City and live on my own while working three jobs at Old Navy, Deer Valley, and Lucky Ones Coffee.  My favorite things to do are: working out (especially Zumba), hanging out with friends, shopping, traveling and being with my family!  Oh, I almost forgot I love to dance!!

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